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As with facial comparison, facial recognition and face mapping, facial mapping is viewing two or more images of faces, often captured to CCTV or video and performing a specialist range of forensic tests and procedures in an attempt to determine whether or not they may be of one and the same person
Our experienced experts often combine 
Person Identification or Person Recognition from CCTV Video with other of our specialist services, such as Facial MappingCCTV Enhancement and/or Image Analysis to ensure that the maximum possible detail has been considered from an image

Since 1996 our experts have had specialist industry experience in facial mapping, face comparison and facial identification from security CCTV [closed circuit television] video and still photographic image forensic analysis

We are leading Independent Expert Witnesses 

acting on the instructions of the legal profession, the Police, private individuals and government agencies - in both the Civil and Criminal arenas.  Our specialist studios are accomplished in the forensic analysis and interpretation of video and CCTV imagery exhibits

We are members of appropriate bodies/directories including the 

Law Society's Directory of Expert Witnesses [now Sweet and Maxwell's] and the UK Register of Expert



Over the years we have developed powerful

 testing techniques "


Designed to reveal, where possible, an ‘edge’ with respect to detecting actual events and/or reliable identification which could prove to be an indispensable advantage in a case and/or court presentation

Facial mapping provides a service to the legal profession [solicitors, lawyers, Police and Counsel - prosecution or defence], who seek the identify of an image of the face of a person captured to CCTV, video and/or a photographic image, which normally culminates in the provision of a legally formatted Report incorporating the conclusions reached


' Our testing ability combined with our reporting 

experience is frequently able to provide 

the vital evidence in a case - either for the prosecution 

or the defence party '


We have extensive specialist experience in forensic image analysis of video and CCTV, enhancement, enlargement and FACIAL MAPPING

Chronology, Comparative and Photogrammetry tests and procedures via both analogue and digital mediums can be undertaken:

1] Chronology: "the provision of a Report covering the evolution of an incident along a predetermined time line"

2] Comparative Analysis: "the provision of a Report covering the comparison of a specific object or person which/who appears in one set of images with a specific object or person which/who appears in another set of images and considering the likelihood or otherwise of the object or person being the same"

3] Photogrammetry: "the determining of dimensional data from imagery as accurately as possible which is then able to be compared with actual physical dimensions obtained from on site measurement"

In some case, particularly when Facial Mapping for example, our experts perform Morphological procedures and Superimposition of imagery

Our experts are experienced in extracting the maximum possible available detail and information from imagery exhibits via a range of specialised tests and procedures in forming expert opinion.  Our studios are fully equipped with the necessary specialist and high resolution equipment for these purposes

In the frequent case that conclusive and reliable person identity is not able to be determined [it is accepted that two or more people can share similar facial proportions and morphology], our experts use their experience to interpret imagery and an expression with respect to 'Conclusion Weightings' [see right] is offered to assist in the understanding of the evidence

It is, however, our reporting experience and expertise that are frequently able to illustrate the vital and/or crucial evidence in a case 

Our experts produce logical and clearly written Reports which cover the instructions received, the exhibits considered, the methods used in the examination and analysis of the exhibits and the conclusions reached.  Images generated during the course of the work can be inserted into the Report for illustrative purposes, as appropriate.  Each Report adopts a consistent methodology to demonstrate that all salient matters have been considered


Huge amounts of video data (including CCTV) are captured every day.  We employ advanced video facilities that can assist in dramatically improving the quality of recorded video imagery, from which salient still images may be produced for further, more detailed analysis

Humans are variable in their body size, shape and function.  These variances are sometimes captured on CCTV or imagery

For two decades or so, the popularity of closed circuit television systems [CCTV] has increased and has been employed to survey a wide variety of buildings and establishments

People are identified by their faces predominantly because the face is an anatomical region not covered by clothing and is furthermore, crucially, used throughout the course of each day as a major factor in communications between individuals.  Humans use faces to recognise and to recall

As with facial comparison, our facial mapping experts seek to identify people by images of their faces predominantly because the face is an anatomical region not covered by clothing and is furthermore, crucially, used throughout the course of each day as a major factor in communications between individuals. Humans use faces to recognise and to recall

The principal image analyst and principal image interpreter will be pleased to discuss your requirements, to answer your questions and to consider with you the best way forward


Expert Advice on the evidential qualities of the imagery:

You are able to consult us as soon as you receive imagery exhibits.  Our experts are able to inspect the imagery with respect to technical quality, content and for suitability of purpose, prior to producing a statement containing salient expert opinion.  If you provide us with an overview of the case and the salient imagery, our experienced experts are able to provide you with expert opinion with respect to the most relevant, valuable and cost effective way in which to analyse and report upon the evidence, prior to you issuing instructions accordingly

Critique on Opposing Expert's Reports:

We frequently inspect and provide competent and substantial comment on the methods employed, techniques used and conclusions in opposing expert reports

Incident Reconstruction:

Our experts are often able to professionally reconstruct a visual representation of an incident from imagery exhibits provided, witness statements and from the actual scene of the incident.  We also offer physical incident scene reconstruction, where appropriate.  This can benefit the Court in understanding an incident and help in their not missing crucial detail that could otherwise be overlooked or misconstrued

Court Room Presentation Services:

Experienced experts offer professional multimedia presentations, incorporating imagery, video, CCTV, documents and audio for presentation via the audio-visual system in the Court room.  This can benefit the Court and Jurors in understanding an incident, emphasise important points and help in their not missing crucial detail that could otherwise be overlooked or misconstrued.  Trial Counsel is able to have a salient item displayed for maximum clarity, impact and effect

Poor technical quality imagery exhibits are often received.  Definitive proof is unable to be established.  An expert's subjective evaluation of the imagery, drawing on his/her experience, is frequently crucial.  Under these circumstances it is important to consider the relevant 'Conclusion Weightings' [see right] reached by the expert


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